Membership Plans

Regular maintenance helps prevent issues, improve efficiency, and prolong the lifespan of your irrigation system. 

Enrollment in this plan will provide ongoing support and maintenance for your system.  

This plan is good for one year starting when you sign-up. It includes a bi-annual irrigation system inspection/tune-up at a discounted rate for the service call/1st hour labor and 5% off all additional labor and materials. Additional service visits, repair visits, or sprinkler system modifications throughout the year are billed at the same discounted rates. 

A professionally trained technician will assess the system, make necessary adjustments, replace clogged heads, nozzles, check for leaks, and ensure proper system functionality. Recommendations for other repairs, upgrades, or sprinkler system modifications will provided as well. 

How a membership plan can benefit you: 


Irrigation Repairs: Unforeseen repairs are sometimes necessary – both on the large and small scale – and can be very costly. Our membership plan covers you for repairs and replacements of certain components of your irrigation system at a discounted rate. Whether it’s diagnosing wiring issues, replacing faulty valves, sprinkler heads, fittings, controllers, or other parts, a membership plan can help minimize unexpected repair costs and ensure prompt resolution of issues to keep your landscape looking its best.


Seasonal Adjustments: Need help adjusting your controller or changing your watering schedule for each season? A membership plan provides periodic adjustments to your irrigation system based on changing weather conditions and plant needs. This includes modifying watering schedules, duration, and zone settings to accommodate seasonal variations and the microclimate needs of your property. It helps ensure optimal water usage and plant health throughout the year.


Water Management: A membership plan can help you focus on maximizing water efficiency and conservation. Options include modifying your existing system and regular monitoring of water usage, system performance, and plant water needs. Advanced technologies like drip irrigation, rotator nozzles, Wi-Fi and smart controllers, rain and freeze sensors, soil moisture sensors, flow meters, and remote monitoring are great options to optimize your irrigation system and minimize water waste.


Save money and ensure the most efficient irrigation system with our sprinkler annual membership plan!