Sprinkler Tune-Up

Our comprehensive irrigation system evaluation includes a thorough assessment of various components and aspects of the system. 

What we include: 

  1. System Inspection: We will inspect the entire system, including the main water source, backflow prevention device, valves, pipes, fittings, sprinkler heads, and control panel. We will check for any visible signs of damage, wear, or malfunction.
  2. Water Pressure and Flow Analysis: If needed our evaluation may involve measuring and analyzing water pressure and flow rates at different points in the system. This helps identify any pressure issues or restrictions that may affect the system’s efficiency and performance.
  3. Sprinkler Head Coverage: Each sprinkler head’s coverage and pattern will be evaluated to ensure optimal distribution and minimize overspray or under-spray. Adjustments or replacement of sprinkler heads may be recommended to improve coverage.
  4. Leak Detection: We will search for any leaks in the system.  This may involve inspecting for visible water pooling, damp areas, or conducting pressure tests to identify hidden leaks.
  5. Controller and Programming Analysis: The evaluation will include a review of the irrigation controller or timer settings. We will assess the programming, watering schedules, and duration to ensure they align with the landscape’s water requirements and local watering regulations.
  6. System Efficiency and Upgrades: A irrigation specialist may suggest system upgrades or modifications to improve efficiency and performance. This may include recommendations for pressure regulation devices, nozzle upgrades, or zone reconfigurations to better match water needs.
  7. Recommendations and Report: Based on the evaluation, the irrigation specialist will provide a detailed report outlining their findings, recommendations, and proposed solutions. This report may include suggested repairs, adjustments, upgrades, or maintenance practices to optimize the irrigation system’s efficiency and effectiveness.



Our complete irrigation system evaluation aims to identify any existing issues, ensure proper system functionality, maximize water efficiency, and provide recommendations for improvements. It serves as a valuable tool for homeowners or property managers to optimize their irrigation practices and promote sustainable landscape management.